Animation Workshops

Our workshops are not only fun but also allow a young person to express themselves creatively within an autism friendly environment. We at Square Peg believe that through incorporating a young person’s main area of interest, within our individual workshops, we can subtly channel the teaching of:

  • Social coping mechanisms,
  • Independence,
  • Visual communication skills,
  • Cognition and emotional skills,
  • Team work
  • Problem solving skills
  • Imagination and creativity

Through our films and artwork we want to create a voice within the autism community, creating a platform to educate others through a young person’s own unique voice.


We offer a variety Stopmotion/Animation workshops here at Square Peg

Term Time Animation Workshops

Animation workshops will consist of 8 Saturdays each session will last 3 hours each.

£275 per individual per term - Book here

Animated Day

A one day animated event, each session lasts 2hrs- 3hrs

£25 per individual - Book here

Five Days of Animated Summer

Five days of animated summer workshops are five workshops lasting 3hrs each session during the summer holidays

£280 per individual - Book here